About Us

At Dark Rose Jewellery we prioritise products that will have value to you. Not everybody has hundreds or even thousands of pounds to spend on diamond jewellery, we provide simple, yet stylish pieces to compliment your personal style. Whether you are understated and want a simple black choker or something with a little more bling, we offer it at a great price.

 All of our jewellery is themed around roses, dark red roses have the aura of mystery though they leave virtually nothing unsaid. As you walk in our necklaces, we want others to wonder "Where did she get it from?", roses are also symbolic with the love that we want you to feel for our rings, necklaces and chokers. Also, we welcome feedback and through our newsletter sign up you can be involved in selecting the products that we offer in future collections

A dark rose symbols the start of something new. New love, new jobs, new friendships, new opportunities. We aspire to be the catalyst for a positive change in your life and our jewellery will boost your confidence through this change, look good, feel good.

Besides, who doesn't love roses?